Insurance Arrangement

A new property is quite an increase in your commitments. It takes a lot of hard work to acquire assets, so it makes good sense to have adequate protection along the way. This not only means having your property and contents covered, but also ensuring that you and your family will be protected in the event of accident, injury or death. We can help you arrange the necessary cover.

 Home building insurance:

Your lending institution will require you to have your home building insurance in place in order for them to settle on your home loan. This should be arranged immediately.

Home contents insurance:

Many people choose to combine their home and contents insurance as this is often less expensive than having two separate policies. You have two choices – indemnity (depreciated value) and replacement/reinstatement.

Life insurance to cover your loan:

Life insurance to cover your loan is essential because, unless you are independently wealthy, your ongoing good health is necessary for you to continue to meet your mortgage repayments. People generally require enough insurance so that in the event of terminal illness or death, their dependents will be able to repay the mortgage and have money to live on.

We are here to help you with all kinds of insurance needs. If you need any of these insurance or any other insurance please contact us.