Why Us?

We understand everyone doesnt have same understanding when it comes to Finance. When you come to us we will explain your finance in easy to understand languages, so you can take a right decission.
We explain you:

  • We have over 30 lenders to chose from including all the  major   banks.
  • You have more options to choose from
  • We explain you from customers point of view not from lenders
  • How to qualify for the FHOG (government grants).
  • How to qualify you for a loan.
  • How to own your Home faster.
  • How to calculate stamp duty when buying properties.
  • Did not qualify for a loan … ? other options and finance strategies  available to you
  • We will help you to acquire a home loan that best suits you,  not our lenders.
  • We do all the research for you to get the best services
  • We can come to you and work after hours